New Adopt-A-Chick campaign!

With the arrival of Chick J from the 2020 Breeding Season, we are excited to announce our newest campaign, Adopt-A-Chick!

For a minimum donation of $20 you will provide 15 mice for your chick, which is enough food for five days! Along with your donation you will receive a certificate of your symbolic adoption and emails about your chick's development.

Through Adopt-A-Chick we will be giving you an in depth look into how the Program hand-raises Northern Spotted Owl chicks just like Chick J for their first ten days of life! You will also learn about their time in the nest the care where the adult owls feed and nuture them until the chick is ready to leave the nest. Once the chicks have fledged, they will be able to explore their new surroundings and test out their wings!


These emails include exclusive photos and videos of chicks, including Chick J. You'll also get to play our side-scrolling "Prey-Delivery" game where you will play as Sedin who has to catch enough prey and bring it back to the nest to feed Amoré and Chick J.

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