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Northern Spotted Owl
Breeding Program

Restoring the population of northern spotted owls across their range in B.C. through conservation breeding and release.

The northern spotted owl is one of Canada's most endangered species. Today less than six wild individuals remain in British Columbia due to the loss and fragmentation of old-growth forests where spotted owls live, and competition from the non-native barred owl. There are approximately 300,000 hectares of protected habitat designated by the Government of B.C. to help recover the species.

The Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program (NSOBP) is the only program in the world breeding spotted owls. Our small team works 365 days per year to prevent this iconic West Coast species from disappearing from Canada. We act as temporary caretakers for the owls until the species can independently thrive and reconnect with their ancestral forests. There are over 30 spotted owls at the NSOBP, though the exact number fluctuates as new owls are born and owls are released.


Our facility is in Langley, British Columbia on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of Kwantlen First Nation. We extend a respectful acknowledgement to Kwantlen First Nation peoples who live by seven traditional laws: health, happiness, generations, generosity, humbleness, forgiveness, and understanding. Our team strives to honour the stewardship carried out here since time immemorial. We are also grateful and respect the hard work of the land, water, and plants in this region that supports the lives of so many people, plants,  and animals.

The NSOBP is a non-profit project under the British Columbia Conservation Foundation.

British Columbia Conservation Foundation logo depicting a northern spotted owl, a grizzly bear, and a pacific salmon.
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