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Five staff members standing in a row in a field looking at Small Eyes the glove trained owl.

Meet the Team


Facility Coordinator

In 2013, Jasmine (she/her) joined the NSOBP after earning her BSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph. Her lifelong dream was to raise baby animals for eventual release into the wild. After over a decade of dedication, her dream came true in 2022 when the first NSOBP-born northern spotted owls were released. Jasmine manages daily operations at the breeding centre, coordinates outreach and partnerships, handles communications with funders and partners, and provides training. She still enjoys the hands-on animal care, especially daily encounters with the owls.


Staff member Jasmine holding an adult spotted owl and smiling.
Staff member Jasmine holding two spotted owl chicks.


Nich (he/him) coordinates all northern spotted owl projects for the BCCF from the breeding centre to the field team, and works to secure the contracts, grants, and private donations that these projects rely on. Nich started his conservation career following his BSc in Biology from the University of British Columbia Okanagan and his work in management and business development in cutting edge agriculture.



British Columbia Conservation Foundation logo depicting a northern spotted owl, a grizzly bear, and a pacific salmon.

BCCF Project Coordinator


Jenna (she/her) started as an intern with the NSOBP in 2017 and has been working full-time with the program since 2019. Originally from Ontario, she graduated with a BSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the University of Guelph. She has over 5 years of experience working with raptors around Canada and the US, and has focused her career on conservation breeding. It has been a dream come true to work at such a unique program dedicated to restoring an endangered species like the spotted owl. Jenna hopes to continue her work protecting endangered species through conservation, research, and education.

Staff member Jenna smiling with Small Eyes the glove trained owl.
Staff member Jenna wearing a lab coat and mask and holding a spotted owl chick.

Spotted Owl Technician


Paula (she/her) joined the NSOBP in 2020 as an intern. She is passionate about conservation science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley. Paula’s background includes surveying southern Saskatchewan for dancing Sharp-tailed Grouse, analyzing Beluga whale vocalizations from Quebec, and monitoring endangered Loggerhead Shrike in Ontario. She grew up in the Greater Vancouver area and is proud to promote the recovery of endangered species right here in BC. Paula loves being a part of the team and learning more about northern spotted owls.

Staff member Paula smiling and holding Small Eyes the glove trained owl.
Staff member Paula wearing a lab coat and mask holding a spotted owl chick.

Spotted Owl Technician


Megan (she/her) first joined the NSOBP as an intern for the 2022 breeding season. She grew up in the Greater Vancouver area, attended Simon Fraser University and earned her BSc. in Biology with a concentration in ecology, evolution, and conservation. Megan boasts considerable experience in hand-raising and rehabilitating wildlife, but her ultimate passion is wildlife conservation. She finds fulfillment in contributing to saving the northern spotted owl as part of the NSOBP team.

Staff member Megan smiling and holding Small Eyes the glove trained owl.
Staff member Megan wearing a lab coat and holding two spotted owl chicks .

Spotted Owl Technician


Makaylah (she/her) started volunteering with the NSOBP in 2020 and recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a concentration in ecology, evolution and conservation from Simon Fraser University. She has experience working in agricultural research and integrated pest management, but her true passion is for wildlife conservation. Makaylah is excited to be part of the NSOBP team and contribute to northern spotted owl conservation. 


Spotted Owl Intern


Alexa (she/her) is a new intern for the fall of 2023 and the 2024 breeding season. She is passionate about animals and wildlife conservation, and would love to pursue a career in avian research and conservation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Research Science at Thompson River’s University, and she has experience working with species at risk, Western Rattlesnake and Western Painted Turtle, through undergraduate research. She hopes to pursue a Masters in avian conservation within the next few years and is excited to experience working with the owls at the NSOBP.


Spotted Owl Intern


Del (she/her) graduated from Western University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology while also volunteering in multiple animal research labs where she gained experience working with birds and rodents. Del previously worked at a wildlife rehabilitation centre which specialized in different birds of prey, but primarily owls. She is passionate about conservation and is excited to learn and support the NSOBP team.


Spotted Owl Intern


Laura (she/her) is originally from Ontario. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc. in Zoology, and completed a 1-year post grad in Ecosystem Restoration at Niagara College. Laura has always had a passion for wildlife and birds, which led her to helping with elephant research in Africa, completing research on various owl species in Ontario, and assisting with breeding bird surveys and bird banding. She is determined to keep doing her part to help protect endangered species through conservation, research, and education, while also living her dream of working with a program that has such an impact on the preservation of an amazing species. 


Spotted Owl Intern


Ken (he/him) has been the NSOBP veterinarian since 2007, in addition to practicing at Townline Veterinary Hospital and holding the position of Managing Director of the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. Ken graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing in British Columbia for over 30 years.

Staff member Ken holding a stethoscope up to an adult spotted owl lying on a table.
Staff member Ken holding an adult spotted owl's eye open.



Vince (he/him) worked as Caretaker for the Mountain View Conservation Centre for over 20 years. Following its closure in 2014, he joined the NSOBP, where he is responsible for upkeep of the 25 acre property, supervision of the construction of new aviaries and soft release aviaries, and assists the team with general tasks in any way he can.

Staff member Vince on a ladder holding a drill.
Panels for aviary construction.

Maintenance Manager


Katie (she/her) has been coordinating the NSOBP as a whole since 2014 and also coordinates the field portion of the NSOBP. She has coordinated and administered over 175 projects including contracts, grants, and private donations. Katie has a Bachelor of Science and began her career in conservation in fieldwork.


Katie Calon.jpg
British Columbia Conservation Foundation logo depicting a northern spotted owl, a grizzly bear, and a pacific salmon.

BCCF Project Coordinator

We also want to credit and thank Lenore Baker, member of the Squamish Nation, for her support, advice, and contributions in incorporating Indigenous knowledge and teachings. 

As a  non-profit project under the British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF), many scheduling, logistical, administrative, and safety considerations are coordinated by staff at the BCCF.

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