Meet the Team


Jasmine McCulligh

Facility Coordinator

Jasmine started with the Program in February 2013 during the first year the internship was offered and later hired as full time staff the following year. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc in Wildlife Biology in 2012. Jasmine always had an interest in conservation and captive breeding programs, which lead her to a volunteer internship in South Africa working with a cheetah breeding program in 2011. Jasmine enjoys being part of such a dedicated team that works hard to overcome challenges as there is something new learnt each breeding season.



Katie Calon

BCCF Project Coordinator

Katie has been coordinating the Northern Spotted Owl Program as a whole since 2014 and also co-ordinates the projects within the Program. She has coordinated and administered over 175 projects including contracts, grants, and private donations. Katie has a Bachelor of Science and began her career in conservation in field work.


ken steth_edited.jpg

Dr. Ken Macquisten


Ken has been the NSOBP veterinarian since 2007, in addition to practicing at Townline Veterinary Hospital and holding the position of Managing Director of the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. Ken graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing in British Columbia for over 30 years.


Jenna Kissel

Spotted Owl Technician

Jenna first started at the NSOBP as a breeding season intern in October 2017, where after 10 months, she fell in love with the Spotted Owls and BC. Originally from Ontario, she graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and has always dreamed of working with endangered species. As of fall 2019, one year after her internship ended, she is excited to be back at the Breeding Program full time. Raptors and conservation are truly her passion, and she is so happy to combine them here at the Breeding Program.


Alyssa de Wit

Spotted Owl Technician

Alyssa started with the NSOBP in January 2017 as a volunteer. After graduating from UFV with her BSc, Biology Major and a sub-discipline concentration in Ecology and Biology of Organisms, she applied for the 2019 Internship. She continued working at the NSOBP after her internship transitioning to a Spotted Owl Technician. After a short 6-month break doing field work Alyssa came back end of January for the 2021 Breeding Season. Having always had a love for animals and nature she enjoys being a part of the conservation efforts at the NSOBP.


Paula Gomez Villalba

Spotted Owl Technician

Paula joined the program in 2020 as an intern. She is passionate about conservation science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley. Paula’s background includes surveying southern Saskatchewan for dancing Sharp-tailed Grouse, analyzing Beluga whale vocalizations from Quebec, and monitoring endangered Loggerhead Shrike in Ontario. She grew up in the Lower Mainland and is proud to promote the recovery of an endangered species right here in British Columbia. Paula loves being a part of the team and learning more about Northern Spotted Owls.


Vince Beier

Maintenance Manager

Vince worked as Caretaker for the Mountain View Conservation Centre for over 20 years. Following its closure in 2014, he joined the NSOBP, where he is responsible for upkeep of the 25 acre property, supervision of the construction of new aviaries, and assists the team with general tasks in any way he can.


Hayley Madden

Breeding Season Intern

Hayley graduated from UBC with her BSc, Biology Major and a keen interest in birds. She spent two field seasons studying the Swainson’s Thrush in forests around BC and attaching GPS devices to track their migration. She grew up in Vancouver and holds a special place in her heart for all of the local birds and wildlife. Hayley is extremely excited to be part of the Northern Spotted Owl team and get hands-on experience with the conservation effort.


Melissa Mark

Breeding Season Intern

Melissa recently received her diploma in Wildlife and Forestry with an interest in working in the conservation field. She spent the spring/summer last year doing a practicum in bird rehabilitation with the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. Being originally from the Yukon, she has fallen in love with the natural world and all of its creatures. Melissa has taken a carpentry foundation course and really enjoys hands-on work.  She is looking forward to working with Northern Spotted Owls and excited to be a part of the team.


Katherine Fegan

Breeding Season Intern

Katherine is passionate about wildlife conservation and research and holds a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology and ecology from Simon Fraser University. Katherine’s background includes work with Stellar Jays, rehabilitation of large marine mammals, and conducting behavioural and movement research on Cape ground squirrels in South Africa. Having grown up in the lower mainland, she has always had a passion for nature and wildlife. Being part of the NSOBP will allow her to deepen her passion and knowledge towards wildlife conservation and the Northern Spotted Owl.


Megan Cruickshank

Breeding Season Intern

Megan has joined the NSOBP as an intern for the 2022 breeding season. She grew up in the Lower Mainland, attended SFU and graduated with her BSc. in Biology with a concentration in ecology, evolution and conservation. Megan has considerable experience in wildlife rehabilitation and hand-rearing nestling and fledgling songbirds. With a passion for nature and sustainability, she hopes to foster her interest in conserving wildlife while being a part of the NSOBP team.