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Meet Small Eyes!

Small Eyes was born and raised here at the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program in 2009. Shortly after Small Eyes fledged from her nest, she was diagnosed with bilateral microphthalmia, a developmental disorder of the eye in which both eyes are abnormally small. Small Eyes has also developed extreme cataracts in both of her small eyes in part from her microphthalmia, and as a result she is visually impaired.

For many breeding seasons, Small Eyes often laid infertile eggs, typically on the ground or in her water bowl. Unfortunately, she was unable to bond with a male during her time as a breeder, so it was decided that she be taken out of the breeding population and trained to be an educational ambassador for her species and the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program.

Small Eyes began her training in 2019, and made her debut appearance at the NSOBP's annual fundraiser. As the only glove trained Northern Spotted Owl in Canada, she is now an integral part of our outreach programming. This is important as our supporters will be able to learn all about Northern Spotted Owls from a real Northern Spotted Owl!


Follow our social media pages to find out where Small Eyes will be next! She even has her own Instagram account @smalleyestheowl

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