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Spotted owl adult on a branch with green leaves in the background.



Adopt an Owl

Livestream Launches

Adopt an Owl fundraiser launches where supporters can symbolically adopt and receive updates about the owls.

Spotted owl nest live stream launches.

Spotted owl adult and juvenile side-by-side on a nest stump.
Spotted owl adult in an aviary on a branch.
Two spotted owl adults side-by-side on a branch.



The NSOBP is founded after an independent team of scientists determines the northern spotted owl would become extinct in Canada without intervention. Six wild owls are brought to Mountain View Conservation Centre, the original home of the NSOBP.


Hatching Milestone

First chick of the NSOBP hatches.

Spotted owl juvenile with a green background.
Spotted owl chick hatching out of an egg.
Staff member wearing a lab coat and a mask in the incubation room.


Conservation Techniques

The NSOBP begins artificially incubating eggs, double clutching females, and hand-raising chicks to increase production and closely monitor development. The team used existing scientific data for similar species, finding that spotted owls have very specific needs for ideal development.


Hatching Milestone

The first artificially incubated spotted owl in the world hatches at the NSOBP.

Spotted owl adult perched on a branch.
Staff member writing on a clear tub in the rodent building.



The Internship program is created for recent college/university graduates interested in gaining hands-on experience in conservation biology.



The NSOBP becomes part of the non-profit British Columbia Conservation Foundation

A pair of spotted owl adults and a juvenile on a branch and a nest stump.
Spotted owl egg with a cracked shell in an incubator.
Spotted owl adult and chick in a nest stump.


New Partnership

Partnership with Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program begins providing funding for internships and annual nest livestream.

Juvenile spotted owl with a green leafy background.


Hatching Milestone

Third-generation chick hatches.


New Ambassador

Hatching Milestone

Five chicks successfully hatch, shattering the previous average of one chick per year.
First double clutch chicks hatch.
Small Eyes is glove-trained.

Spotted owl adult perched on a staff member's gloved hand.
Two spotted owl chicks side-by-side.
2021; SPOW; PHOTOSHOOT; MULTIPLE CHICKS; FIRST CLUTCH; A-21; B-21; D-21; E-21; F-21; H-21;


Hatching Milestone

Ten chicks hatch.



First ever release of NSOBP spotted owls into Spô’zêm First Nation territory.

Two spotted owl adults side-by-side on a branch with a wooden background.
Old-growth forest with large trees and ferns.
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