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On April 6, 2019 we were saddened with the loss of matriarch Northern Spotted Owl, Shakkai, to old age.


More than 25 northern spotted owls call the Breeding Centre home and they all have different backgrounds and personalities. Click here to meet some of them!


The northern spotted owl is a subspecies of the spotted owl, found on the West Coast of North America. Click here to learn about the spotted owl in the wild.

Wild SPOW close-up1.jpg

Small Eyes is a visually impaired northern spotted owl that has been glove trained to be used as an educational tool. Click here to learn all about Canada's only glove trained spotted owl!


​Breeding Season begins in February when the owls start showing signs of breeding behaviour, and ends in June when the chicks fledge the nest. 

SpottedOwl - Camera 1 2017-05-15-18-20-4

​In addition to breeding the northern spotted owl at the Breeding Centre, we also breed their cousin the barred owl. Why? Find out here.

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