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We have 25 resident northern spotted owls. Learn about some of them below!


Shania was the very first chick born into the program to parents Einstein and Shakkai in 2008. She is independent and headstrong. We tried pairing her with two males early on with no luck. But Scud, a younger dominant male, was her prince charming. It took two years to wear her down, but he did and now Scud and Shania are bonded to each other and have produced healthy male offspring in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


Sally has the record for most eggs in a single year, with six! She is pair bonded with Watson and they have produced two chicks together so far - Bella in 2017 and Bridget in 2018. She is Sammy's sister. 


Dante was hatched on April 19, 2017. The hand-raising process for this little one was not easy, as it became ill just three days after hatching. Antibiotics and around-the-clock intensive care for a week did the trick. Now he is healthy and happy and resides in his own enclosure where he enjoys calling loudly for all to hear.


Sequoia is named after the family of trees, Sequoiodeae, commonly known as Giant Redwoods. She came to us as a fluffy fledgling in 2013. She pair bonded with Sammy in 2018. She has a distinctive squeaky call!


Sammy arrived at the Breeding Centre in 2009 with his sister Sally. They were born to a pair of owls in Oregon and came to us to add genetic diversity to our pool of breeding owls. He is the oldest male owl to form a pair bond. He bonded with Sequoia in 2018.


Sedin was the first artificially incubated Northern Spotted Owl chick to be hatched in the world in 2011. He is named after the Sedin twins, who were members of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team for many years and are much loved across British Columbia. He recently pair bonded with Amoré after four years together and welcomed their first chick in 2019.


Watson has been part of the breeding program since 2012. He is the eldest sibling of Downie, Sequoia, and Zalea. He is paired bonded with Sally and they have produced two chicks together - Bella in 2017 and Bridget in 2018. Over the last couple years his call has become very unique - it's quite high pitched for a male and doesn't follow the standard 4-note pattern of other spotted owls.


Oregon arrived to the Breeding Facility from the wild in July of 2015 after a dramatic rescue. Field staff in Oregon state had alerted us that a female caring for a wild nest had abandoned her nest after her mate died. Our field biologist made the trip down to Oregon as quickly as he could and climbed the 200 foot high tree to retrieve the chick, who surely would have starved. After a few weeks at a rehab centre the chick was well enough to make the trip up to Canada, where he joined our breeding population. Oregon is now paired with our captive-born female Skalula. They have yet to form a bond but have shown positive courtship behaviours for the past two years.  

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