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Juvenile spotted owl behind a branch with a wooden background.

10 Ways to Support Spotted Owls

Help save spotted owls from the brink of extinction in Canada by joining our journey at the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program (NSOBP). We work diligently to secure the future of this iconic species through conservation breeding and release. Our non-profit project relies heavily on the generosity of individuals like you. Here's how you can play a vital role in the care and conservation of northern spotted owls:

1. Donate

Your tax-deductible donation fuels our mission to restore British Columbia's northern spotted owl population. Support their journey towards a thriving future. Donate Now.

Spread awareness on social media platforms by sharing our posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Help us protect the spotted owl by engaging your friends and family in our mission. Your voice matters.

Make a meaningful impact through a symbolic adoption. Donations go directly towards the well-being of the owls at the NSOBP, from providing food to helping maintain their aviaries. Receive an adoption kit featuring a spotted owl plush toy, an adoption certificate, a species fact sheet, and a welcome email. Maximize your impact by becoming part of our Conservation Crew, unlocking exclusive perks and updates about what the owls at the NSOBP are up to. Adopt an Owl today!

Combine your love for owls with the joy of shopping. Our Amazon Wishlist is stocked with essential supplies and dream items. Order directly from your Amazon account and your contributions will be shipped directly to us. Make sure to select "Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program" when choosing the delivery address. All donations are greatly appreciated as many items often need restocking! Browse our wishlist.

5. Join our Bottle Drive

Easily donate your bottle refunds to the NSOBP. Fill a clear bag with your returnable cans, bottles, and cartons and drop them off at any Return-It Express location. Follow the steps at a self-serve kiosk by entering our phone number (𝟔𝟎𝟒-𝟑𝟕𝟏-𝟒𝟒𝟑𝟒) and then selecting yes to the prompt "Are you Jasmine McCulligh?" (our Facility Coordinator). Put the printed sticker with our information on your bag.

6. Adopt an Egg

Learn all about how owls breed and watch as an egg transforms into a baby owl! Your adoption comes with a certificate of adoption, weekly email updates on your egg’s progress, and exclusive access to fun online activities. This fundraiser is active during the spring breeding season. Join the mailing list to find out when you can adopt an egg.

7. Support our Online Auction

Mark your calendars for our online auction held every year around November. There are always great prizes, art, merch, and experiences up for grabs! All funds raised contribute to the conservation and care of the NSOBP's resident owls. Stay in the loop by joining our mailing list.

Immerse yourself in the world of spotted owls! Learn all about the life cycle of spotted owls, their role in the ecosystem, and get an inside look at our conservation efforts. Our 1-hour presentations directly support our mission and include a meet-and-greet with Canada's only glove-trained spotted owl, Small Eyes. Please note that presentations are unavailable during the busy breeding season February to June.

Support us effortlessly by purchasing gift cards through FundScrip. A donation is automatically made to our program at no extra cost to you. Simply pre-purchase cards from your favourite Canadian retailers using the group invite code V2ZGTU.

10. Take Care of the Environment

Be an advocate for the environment. Small acts like picking up garbage, planting native trees and plants, and making sustainable choices all contribute to the well-being of wildlife like the spotted owl.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your ongoing support makes a lasting impact on the future of spotted owls in British Columbia. Together, we’re ensuring that spotted owls continue to fly through Canada’s old-growth forests for generations to come.


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